23 01 10 Advanced Navigation Course

Advanced Navigation & Route Finding

Develop your mountain navigation skills on this 2-3 day course. Learn to use traditional navigational tools with map, compass & altimeter.  Also learn modern techniques with GPS, smart phone app’s and internet resources.  This course will take you through a refresher & introduction to the various tools used in modern day mountain navigation while building off  the fundamentals of traditional techniques.  We will work through the pre-trip & route planning process followed by field days executing our route plans.  In the field we will practice map & compass techniques and navigating with modern GPS & smart phone apps.   From our experience as professional guides we find that the modern GPS & smart phone apps are much faster to use when navigating in the mountains.  However, having a fundamental understanding of traditional techniques is essential to safe & efficient mountain navigation.  This course is often designed custom to the groups ability and previous experience levels.

The theory & route planning components to this course take place in an indoor classroom setting.

Starting at $525 per day for private instruction 1:1 ratio learner to guide.

  • 2:1 $295 per person
  • 3:1 $218 per person
  • 4:1 $180 per person