21 01 21 Kootenay Secret Stash


All winter long we will be organizing trips to some of the best ski and split-board touring venues the Kootenays and Western Canada has to offer!


The Trips:  These are generally custom trips with small groups, often 1:1 to 6:1, guest/ guide ratio.  These trips are usually 2-7 days long, venue pendant.

Huts:   We will often stay at local mountaineering cabins to base our trips from.  Many of the smaller mountaineering cabins are well off the “beaten trail” and are not well known to the general public.  These mountaineering cabins located throughout our area provide great access for day touring in some of the more remote areas of the BC Province.   These backcountry huts vary in comforts.  Some are very comfortable and well serviced while others are certainly more rustic and simple.  It is impressive how many great mountaineering cabins are located in BC and Western Canada and how many are not well known.  These backcountry cabins are generally managed by clubs and organizations such as the Alpine Club of Canada, Backcountry Lodges of BC, local mountaineering clubs, BC Parks and privately run parties.  Let us share with you some of these great venues we have been finding over the years.

Access:  Many of these smaller backcountry huts are accessed by “touring in”, while others require a short lift with a helicopter or snowmobile.

Skill Level:  This is a custom trip!  We can accommodate people who are looking to try ski touring for the first time and are unsure of how to use the gear or how big of a day they can “put-in”.  We are also very happy to accommodate seasoned skiers who want to crush some vert and target big lines.  Or maybe you have been ski touring and mountaineering for a long time and have lot’s of experience but you prefer to have a guide show you the best line and be there for your support.  Newbies, hardcore and the worn are all welcome!

Terrain:  BC and Western Canada have terrain for everyone and all skill levels.  Let us know what you may be looking for and we will suggest several venues that would fit your appetite.  Mid-winter we tend to ski more in the treed glades and sub-alpine bowls.  Come spring we typically look to higher elevations and ski more in the alpine and on the glaciers.   So whether you are looking for steep chutes, pillow lines and technical featured terrain or big open bowls, mellow glades with waist-deep hippy POW we have a zone for you!

Contact us and we will work with you to build a custom backcountry experience and explore the Kootenay Secret Stash!

21 02 22 Mountain Navigation Course

Advanced Navigation & Route Finding

2-3 days, a closer look at map, compass & GPS skills, trip planning with maps, Google Earth, and other resources available. Some components to this course take place in an indoor classroom setting.

Starting at $525 per day for private instruction 1:1 ratio learner to guide.

  • 2:1 $295 per person
  • 3:1 $218 per person
  • 4:1 $180 per person

21 01 04 AST 1+

Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 (AST 1)

This course will provide an entry-level decision-making framework that is based on the most advanced knowledge available. It is suitable for use by people with basic training and little experience.

In addition, the course will:

  • Provide the prerequisite knowledge required for further avalanche training.
  • Introduce and promote the Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 Course as the logical next step for gaining intermediate-level decision-making skills.


At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the basics of avalanche formation and release.
  • Identify avalanche terrain.
  • Know the steps required to plan and carry out a trip.
  • Use the Avaluator™ as a decision-making tool in areas where trips are rated using the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES) and where Avalanche Danger Ratings and Avalanche Bulletins are available.
  • Find resources for obtaining ATES terrain ratings if their trip is not rated.
  • Find resources for obtaining Avalanche Danger Ratings and Avalanche Bulletins if these are not available.
  • Use appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain.
  • Carry out a companion rescue.
  • Understand the limits of their training.

Minimum Classroom Time Requirement
A minimum of seven hours classroom time is required.

Minimum Field Time Requirement
A minimum of one day in the field is required.

21 05 01 The Moon

We will take you to the moon and back!!!

An out of this world experience of cosmic ski & split-board touring!!!

No discrimination, all humans and aliens are welcome!!!

See Kootenay Secret Stash trip for details.

21 02 14 Mt.Carlyle Lodge

Deep in the Selkirk Mountains, at the North end of the Kokanee Range is Mt.Carlyle Lodge.  This is a guided and a catered trip to a very sought after venue for classic steep & deep Kootenay Powder Skiing & Riding!  We will have up to 9 guests, 1-2 guides and a hut master on this incredible adventure.  The trip is all-inclusive with guide service, catering of all meals, lodging and helicopter access from Kaslo BC.  There is an excellent variety of terrain with huge alpine bowls, open chutes and beautiful forested glades of sub-alpine larch, fir, spruce and whitebark pine species.  There is terrain for all levels of skiers with mellow open bowls of “hippy-pow” to steep chutes, pillow drops, steep and cruisy glades.  Apres the powder program enjoy a hot wood-fired sauna, refuel with healthy, tasty meals and enjoy the comforts of this remote backcountry lodge!   Join us for this incredible week of high mountain living!

Please contact us for further details.

21 04 17 Fairy Meadow

7 days catered and guided ski touring from the extremely sought after Alpine Club of Canada Hut, Fairy Meadow!

Deep in the Northern Selkirk Mountains, this hut is surrounded by glaciers and some of the best alpine skiing in BC!  Mnt. Sir Sanford the highest mountain in the Selkirks rises above along with the Adamant Range.   This is where we go skiing on the glaciers!

A Helicopter is used to access the area from Golden BC.

Contact us for details on potential future trips to this area.

21 03 07 Kootenay Secret Stash

Kootenay Secret Stash  Mar 7 – 14 2021

Chase and submerge in the Kootenay Cold Smoke somewhere deep in our backyard!

Possible venues within the Kootenay Pass, Whitewater, Nelson, Slocan & Kaslo area.

Contact us for details.

21 02 28 Kootenay Secret Stash

Kootenay Secret Stash  Feb 28 – Mar 7 2021

Chase and submerge in the Kootenay Cold Smoke somewhere deep in our backyard!

Possible venues within the Kootenay Pass, Whitewater, Nelson, Slocan & Kaslo area.

Contact us for details.

21 01 17 Valkyr Lodge

VALKYR LODGE   Jan 3 -10 2021

  • Catered & guided  (Excellent Chef, 2 ACMG Guides & hut keeper)
  • Helicopter accessed ski touring lodge
  • Private guest bedrooms
  • Famous Sauna
  • Indoor plumbing
  • Wood heat
  • Open cruisey bowls, with hippy pow
  • gentle & steep open glades
  • Long chutes, mellow & technical lines oh wow…
  • Closest town Nakusp or Nelson BC
  • Cost $2825

Contact us for Detail

21 04 24 Battle Abbey

Battle Abbey April 24- May 1 2021

  • A legendary venue for spring tours in BC
  • Big alpine tours with incredible scenery and very long runs!
  • Glacier skiing
  • Beautiful lodge with a significant history in Canadian Ski Touring/ Mountaineering
  • A “To Do” on any ski touring checklist for Planet Earth

Contact us for details.